Ontario Challenges

Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge: We want to connect with Guiders across Ontario, Nunavut and the rest of Canada. Get ready to create lifelong memories by taking fun photos and learning new things along the way. Connect with us virtually by sharing your photos (with valid IR.1 image release permission in iMIS) with us by using the photo submission form below, and on social media using the hashtags #ONNVsnaps and #GGCsnaps. This challenge can be completed over a few meetings and easily tracked/adapted as part of the program platform. All branch levels for activities and programs area are suggestions – please modify as you see fit.

Small Actions Big Change Challenge: Big change is only one small action away! The Ontario and Nunavut Youth Forum invites you to participate in a challenge made by youth, for youth. In this challenge units will learn about  advocacy and how to advocate for themselves and their communities. The challenge is divided into four sections – youth members can explore different topics to champion like the environment and wellness. There are lots of fun activities to choose from, including colouring sheets, crafts using recycled materials, interesting and relevant discussions and interactive games. Units that complete this challenge will also be working towards program badges. This challenge is available until December 31. Crests are available for purchase. The challenge and crest were developed by the Ontario/Nunavut Youth Forum.

Biodiversity Leadership Challenge crest

Biodiversity Leadership Challenge for Pathfinders and Rangers : The Biodiversity Leadership Challenge is a partnership between Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council and the IUCN WCPA Beyond the Aichi Targets Task Force. The challenge aims to increase knowledge about biodiversity and conservation. Completing the Biodiversity Leadership Challenge will involve applying what has been learned from each activity and sharing this knowledge with your community. After you finish the challenge, you will be eligible to order a discounted crest  and a certificate of participation.

Sing Ontario Sing is back! This year, we invite members to host a virtual campfire, sing songs and complete the optional associated activities. By completing the virtual challenge, units are eligible to order an exclusive crest. The challenge will only be available until December 31, 2021.

Staying Connected Challenge: Ontario Council wants to connect with you and your unit! Reflect on your Guiding experience during the pandemic and share it with us for the opportunity to earn the Staying Connected crest and to receive a personalized letter from the Provincial Commissioners. Girls who complete the challenge will also be working towards program badges. This challenge is only available until August 31, 2021.

STEMinist Challenge: Hold onto your lab coat! If you love asking questions, designing experiments and pushing the limits of your imagination, then this limited-time challenge is for you. Girls who complete the challenge will also be working towards program badges. This challenge is only available until the end of June.

2019-2020 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge: Congratulations to Ann Lalonde and the 1st Oxford Mills Guides for submitting the winning 2019-2020 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge.

Happy Trails Challenge: This challenge was designed by Mona J., a 3rd-year Guide in the 2nd Ontario Lone Unit, as part of her Design Your Own Badge project. Mona’s challenge was inspired by the Bruce Trail, a hiking trail going 900 km along the length of the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario. Mona encourages every girl taking this challenge to find a trail in her community to have fun and explore nature.

Land Surveyor Challenge: Surveying is the technique, profession and science that’s literally shaping our world! This challenge will introduce girls to the science behind the technology and day–to-day experiences all around them. Upon completion of this challenge, girls will be better equipped to fulfill the GGC vision “a better world, by girls.”

All Seasons Challenge: Experiencing the outdoors is an important part of the Guiding program. These activities aim to get units and girls outside throughout the year during regular meeting times.

Ontario Trefoil Challenge: This challenge was designed by the members of the 2nd Moira Trefoil Guild for their sister Trefoil Guild members, as a tool to help with activity planning. The Ontario Trefoil Challenge gives members the opportunity to explore, experience, learn, share and have fun through the sisterhood of Guiding..

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