Scholarships for members

2018 Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Scholarships

Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council recognizes the importance of continuing education. That’s why we offer scholarship programs to encourage further education of our active members. Use the links below to learn more about these programs, including eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Learn more and apply for scholarships:  You can also learn about National Girl Guides of Canada Scholarships

Meet our 2024 Isabel Kerr Scholarship winners

Aisha R., community 1
Emily L., community 10
Hartley G., community 6
Jessica B-P., community 18
Pooji A., community 27
Samantha F., community 10
Samantha L., community 15
Sara C-C., community 37
Stephanie A., community 6
Zahra A., community 15

Meet our 2024 Barb Ishibashi Scholarship winner

Bianca W., community 16

Meet our 2023 Isabel Kerr Scholarship winners

Maia W., community 16
Alisha D., community 16
Lauren S., community 17
Alexis D., community 22
Mary C., community 37

6/20/2024 9:52:30 PM