Biodiversity Leadership Challenge

Challenge overview

The Biodiversity Leadership Challenge is a partnership between Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council and the IUCN WCPA Beyond the Aichi Targets Task Force. The challenge aims to increase knowledge about biodiversity and conservation at local, national and global levels. It is hoped that this challenge will raise ambition for action to protect biodiversity, develop leadership skills in the conservation realm, and provide a platform for Canadian youth to share why conserving biodiversity is important to them. Completing the Biodiversity Leadership Challenge will involve applying what has been learned from each activity and sharing this knowledge with your community.

About the IUCN WCPA Beyond the Aichi Targets Task Force

The world set goals called the Aichi Biodiversity Targets at the meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2010 to save biodiversity and enhance its benefits for people by 2020. Unfortunately, none of these targets were fully met at an international level. The IUCN WCPA Beyond the Aichi Targets Task Force has been tasked to help parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity consider what the new global conservation targets should be in order to halt and reverse biodiversity loss in the future.

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Bring a friend to complete this challenge! Do you have any non-member friends or family who are Pathfinder or Ranger age? Invite them to learn about saving biodiversity and to help your unit complete this challenge.

Challenge requirements

Pathfinders and Rangers

Complete the challenge

  1. Download the Biodiversity Leadership Challenge Program Guide
  2. Complete at least eight activities from the Biodiversity Leadership Challenge, with at least one activity from each of the first three sections.
  3. In addition, complete the Be a Biodiversity Leader section by sharing what you have learned with a younger unit, your peers or your community.

Order your certificate of participation and challenge crest

  • Once you complete the challenge, fill out the challenge form for your unit or for yourself to receive a certificate of participation from the IUCN WCPA Beyond the Aichi Targets Task Force.
  • Order your Biodiversity Leadership Challenge crest (coming soon).
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