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Training and Enrichment for Adult members (TEAM) was developed by Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) to provide adult members with skills to help them work with girls and other adult members.

Becoming a GGC Trainer

Who are Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) trainers?

GGC trainers are active adult members that have completed the trainer candidate process. These individuals bring both Guiding and personal experiences to the trainings they provide.

Who can be a GGC trainer?

An active member in good standing may apply to become a trainer candidate. Upon application approval by the Learning and Development Adviser the successful candidate can begin the trainer candidate process.

How do I get information on becoming a GGC trainer?

members interested in finding out more information on the trainer candidate process and the time commitment required, please contact

Types of trainings available through TEAM

The TEAM training program is divided into various streams with corresponding modules.

An outline of the training steams and modules is available.

How do I find out what trainings are being offered within my community?

To find out what trainings are being offered within your community or surrounding communities, please visit the Event Calendar.

What training do I need for my role as a Unit Guider?

This fall, GGC is excited to launch a new training program for adult members as they start their Guiding journey!

The New Guider Learning Path is a series of five courses that ensure Guiders feel confident and prepared to lead their units. All Guiders are required to complete these five courses within their first six months of joining Girl Guides of Canada.

Guiders will learn about the girl program, the girl-driven approach to Guiding and the components of a safe, inclusive environment. Also included are engagement strategies and branch traditions that enable Guiders to deliver meaningful girl experiences. The courses are interactive and engaging and reflect what Guiders have told us they most need to know.

Guiders can choose to complete these courses via in-person training or online e-courses:

  1. The Girl Program
  2. Building Unit Guider Skills
  3. Safe & Inclusive Space
  4. Safe Guide
  5. All About the Branch
What trainings are recommended for my role as Unit Guider?

In addition to the New Guider Learning Path, the following trainings are recommended for all Unit Guiders:

  • Outdoor Activity Leadership (OAL) - Recommended for those Unit Guiders interested in taking girl members camping.
  • Ontario Finance Training - Recommended that all Unit Treasurers complete prior to the start of the Guiding year (September).
  • First Aid - Recommended, but not mandatory.


How do I earn Training and Enrichment for Adult members (TEAM) pins?

There are several TEAM pins that can be earned by completing various training modules.

The following is a breakdown of the pins and the streams that need to be completed to earn the pin:

  • New Guider Learning Path - Red Pin
  • OAL Indoor - Green Pin
  • OAL Tenting - Yellow Pin
  • Let’s Go Camping - Gold OAL Compass Pin
  • OAL Adventure - Dark Green Pin
  • Trainer - Purple Pin
  • Administrator - Blue Pin
  • ACL - Orange Pin
What does the TEAM pin look like?

The TEAM pin is a circular pin with with a coloured background and a gold lamp in the centre

Red training pin
New Unit Guider/Guiders Changing Branches

How do I get my TEAM pin?

Upon completion of the necessary TEAM modules, you can request your pin through the Learning and Development section at Pins are not automatically sent out.

When I complete TEAM training, is it recorded in my iMIS profile?

Yes, each TEAM training module you complete is recorded in your iMIS profile. Updating is done in various ways:

  • In person trainings: The trainer keeps a participant list that is submitted to the provincial office upon completion of the training.
  • e-Learning: This is done twice a month automatically by the national office. If you wish to have your iMIS profile updated immediately upon completing the training you must send a copy (or link to) of your certificate of completion to and your profile will be updated.

First Aid Training

Who can be a First Aider?

In accordance with Safe Guide, a first aider is an individual who has attained the provincial/territorial age of majority and who has current first aid certification from a recognized agency such as (but not limited to) Canadian Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Canadian Ski Patrol or is a health care professional.

What type of first aid training do I need?

The Safe Guide manual states the following with regards to first aid training requirements for events:

Green Level:

It is recommended (but not mandatory) that at least one adult supervisor has a current Emergency First Aid certificate.

Note: It is strongly recommended that for cooking activities a supervisor has first aid training.

Yellow Level:

For most Yellow level activities it is recommended (but not mandatory) that at least one adult supervisor has a current Emergency First Aid certificate. However, activities that include the following factors must have a first aider who is currently certified in Emergency First Aid or is a health care professional licensed and insured to practice in the province/territory where the activity is taking place:

  • EMS response 30 minutes up to 1 hour
  • Girls cooking on a camp stove, campfire or BBQ
  • Transportation arranged by unit
  • Specialized equipment
  • Sleepover or camping

For Yellow level activities requiring first aiders, the ratio of first aiders and/or health care professionals to girl participants is 1:25. However, when travelling by bus or coach chartered for GGC members, only one first aider is required per bus or coach.

Red Level:

All Red level activities must have at least one adult supervisor with a current Standard First Aid certificate, or who is a health care professional licensed and insured to practice in the province/territory where the activity is taking place. In addition, in situations where EMS response time is more than four hours, the Responsible Guider must verify that at least one adult supervisor is certified in Wilderness First Aid, even if they are a health care professional.

For Red level activities, the ratio of first aiders and/or health care professionals to participants is 1:25 and applies to all participants (adults and girls). NOTE: It is recommended that health care professionals consult with their employer with regards to their professional insurance before taking on the role of first aider.

For more information on first aid training and Safe Guide requirements for events, please reference the Safe Guide manual, pages 32-33.

Adding first aid qualifications to your iMIS record

Submit a copy of your permanent certificate to and we will add the information to your profile.

Note: If you are applying for first aid training subsidy, your first aid qualifications will be added to your profile at that time, if it has not been done already.

E-learning and e-courses

E-learning and e-courses

E-learning is an online training method provided by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada to our members. This method of training has been developed for Guiders who find it more convenient or are unable to attend face-to-face training.

You can learn more about online e-courses on Member Zone (sign-in required).

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