Link is a membership activity for young women under 30. Link members can participate in Guiding in whatever capacity they choose – whether that's by completing Link Program activities, connecting with Link members and meeting other young women who share a passion for Guiding, becoming a Unit Guider, or volunteering in Guiding in a way that fits their busy schedule! 

Link members can:

  • Participate in the Link program activities and take on new challenges
  • Connect, socialize and network with other members in your community
  • Grow your connection to Guiding, gaining confidence and leadership experience before taking the next step into more volunteer roles
  • Participate in skill-building activities that leave you better equipped to navigate the transition to adulthood

The Link program has four themes: Personal and Professional Development, Outdoors and Adventure, Health and Well Being and Active Citizenship. Within each theme there are different activities, all focusing on topics important to today’s young adults, that Link members can complete to earn theme crests!

How to become a Link member

Current members: To join Link, email your name, iMIS ID and the Link unit you want to join to or start your own unit by including the name of the new unit and the names and iMIS IDs of the members joining the unit.

Rangers: If you are a Ranger who has already turned 18, submit your Adult Membership Application to start the process of becoming an adult member. GGC Ontario Council offers one free year of membership in Link for members moving from Ranger to Adult Member.

New to Guiding: Complete the adult registration form. Where it says “What type of Guiding experience are you interested in?” choose ‘other’ and enter Link!

Follow @GGCOntario_Link on Instagram to stay connected with other members or email your Link advisor for help finding other members, connecting with units or planning events!

Frequently asked questions about Link

Where are the Ontario Link units?

  • 1st Windsor Link Unit
  • 1st London Link Unit
  • 1st Guelph Link Unit
  • 1st Waterloo Link Unit
  • 1st Hamilton Link Unit
  • 1st Oakville Link Unit
  • 1st Mississauga Link Unit
  • 1st Toronto Link Unit
  • 1st Newmarket Link Unit
  • 1st Whitby Link Unit
  • 1st Kingston Link Unit
  • 1st Ottawa Link Unit
  • 1st Brampton Link Unit
  • 1st Markham Link Unit
  • 1st Niagara Link Unit
  • 1st Sudbury Link Unit
  • 1st Thornhill Link Unit
  • 1st Trailblazers Link Unit
  • 1st Warkworth Link Unit
  • 1st Thunder Bay Link Unit
  • 1st Durham Region Link Unit
  • 1st West Ottawa Link Unit
  • 1st Lend a Hand Link Unit
  • 1st Ontario Link Unit
  • 1st Starchasers Link Unit
  • 1st Peterborough Link Unit

What if there isn’t a Link unit near me?

Email your Link advisor for help finding other members in your area, connecting with units or creating a new Link unit!

As a Unit Guider, can I also be a Link member?

Yes! Link members can have other roles in Guiding, such as being a Unit Guider. Link members could also be Resource Guiders, Community Guiders, Trainers, Safe Guide Assessors, Administrative Community Leaders (ACLs) or Rangers over the age of 18.

Link can be a valuable networking experience that can help Unit Guiders deliver great programming, by learning from other Guiders and feeling supported.

Does Link have a uniform?

No, Link does not have any special uniform pieces outside of the adult member uniform; however there are Link pins and patches available for purchase at the Girl Guide store in the Link signature colour – maroon!

Who plans Link events?

Any member can plan a Link event! The Ontario Link Adviser is available to support and help members plan events, or get the word out by emailing members, updating the events calendar on the Ontario website, or post on social media. Email for event support!

Do I have to pay a fee to join Link?

Link members will pay the national membership fee of $80 unless they are already in Guiding as a Unit Guider, Honorary Life Award recipient, ACL, Community Guider, Trainer, Resource Guider, Specialty Community Member or Provincial Adviser.

Who can I contact for more information or support for Link?

Email the Provincial Link Adviser for Ontario at

4/24/2024 7:28:21 AM