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Program Heritage Boxes
Heritage Uniform Rental

*Ontario Archives is not accepting any donations into its collection at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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Canadian Guiding Badges and Insignia Resource
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Program Heritage Boxes
Have Fun with Guiding Heritage!

The Archives volunteers have prepared some resources for Spark, Ember, Guide and Pathfinder leaders in Ontario and Nunavut to use with their units. They are meetings in a box with a range of activities from the past! The girls will learn what units did when Grandma was in Guiding. The Guider’s Packet in each box explains the activities and shows how they relate to today’s program. All games and activities are intended to support the Spark, Ember, Guide or Pathfinder program now, as in the past. The charge to rent a box is $25. This charge will cover return shipping to and from Toronto, and replacement of craft supplies that are used by the unit, for up to 35 girls*. An additional charge will be levied for damaged or missing items as necessary after the box is returned. Please place your order at least two weeks in advance to accommodate for preparation and shipping time.

*This cost covers up to 35 girls.  

Included in the box are:

contents of a program heritage boxarchival uniform tie and instructions
  • stalking (tracking) games
  • bean bag games
  • crafts
  • observation and memory games
  • badge bingo (highlighting badges of 50 years ago)
  • semaphore knots craft
  • heritage uniform for the girls to model
  • instructions on how to tie the uniform tie and extra ties for the girls to practice the skills they would have needed to know in Guides 50 years ago
Some of the activities can be done as a group, and some lend themselves to a round-robin format. There is more material than could be used in a single meeting, so Guiders can choose the activities that they think their group would enjoy the most. If requested, and approved, Guiders can keep boxes for two meetings as long as they plan this properly and return the box on time.

Online Heritage Box order form

Heritage Uniform Rental

heritage uniformTypes of Uniforms for Rent
  • 37 Ember uniforms dating from 1916 to 2002
  • 46 Guide uniforms, dating from 1915 to 2001
  • 45 adult uniforms dating from 1910 to 1994
  • 5 Pathfinder uniforms dating from 1979 to 2004
  • 2 Ranger uniforms dating from 1955 to 1971

 Rental uniforms are available to members in Ontario and Nunavut. The rental fee for uniforms is $7.00 each or $60 for 10 uniforms. The fee covers return postage, handling, and any necessary repairs and cleaning upon return. Order what you need and enjoy a heritage “dress up” with the girls. Then pack up the uniforms, seal the box, apply the label and postage and send it back.

Online Heritage Uniform Rental form

See old heritage uniforms in action! Girl Guides of Canada has an online heritage photo gallery called HerStory.

Canadian Guiding Badges and Insignia Resource

badges on sashThe Badge and Insignia resource is a thorough guide for collectors, archivists, current and past members of Guiding. Find out what's been hiding in your kitchen drawer!
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