Volunteer With Us
Women join Guiding to make a difference in the lives of girls in their communities. No matter how much time you have to give, there's a place for you in Guiding. Volunteer in a way that relates to your interests, skill-sets and schedule. You can join anytime during the year! Inspire Girl Greatness!

Registration assistance for Guiders

Awards & Recognition
Explore the different awards and scholarships available to adult members. Learn about the application process for both Provincial and National awards, Provincial Recognition Ceremonies and scholarships. Learn more about awards and recognition.

Camping for Guiders
Learn about overnight and day camp options for all seasons, with lots of exciting programs to choose from. Read everything you need to know about activity facilitation, booking camp properties, ordering crests and more. Explore camping for Guiders.

Community Contacts
Find contact information for ACLs, ACL Advisers, Unit Administrators, Community Planning Coordinators and Unit Banking Clerks. Search by community or city/town.

Cookie Jar for Guiders
Everything you need to know to plan, manage and achieve great results with your cookie-selling activities throughout the Guiding year. Open the Cookie Jar.

Crests & Artwork Approval
Essential artwork and approval guidelines for all items including crests, patches, labels and clothing. Be sure to review crest and artwork approval before designing or ordering any Guiding materials. Review the guidelines.

Find all the tools Guiders need to plan successful events, including criteria for events, planning procedures, the roles and responsibilities of planners and how to list events on the event calendar.  Read more about events and event planning.

A handy list of links to all Ontario Council, Safe Guide and National forms. Access our forms.

Girl Guide cookies are the official fundraiser for the organization and this is the only approved fundraiser. Approval for any other type of fundraising is required. Learn about the fundraising approval process. 

Guider Resources
Learn all about Ontario Council, the Guiding structure in Ontario, code of conduct, roles and responsibilities and much more. Get to know more about Guiding and your role as a Guider in Ontario.

Guiding Heritage (Archives)
The Archives volunteers have prepared some resources for Spark, Brownie, Guide and Pathfinder leaders in Ontario and Nunavut to use with their units. They are meetings in a box with a range of activities from the past! Have fun with Guiding Heritage.

Link is a membership option for women ages 18 to 30 who wish to have contact with Guiding during those often busy and transitional years following high school. Learn about how to renew your membership as a Link member.

Meeting Space
Ontario Council supports girl units across the province by paying costs for regular weekly meeting space. Review the application, insurance and contract requirements for meeting space.

Police Records Check (PRC)
Members, non-member volunteers and potential members are all required to complete a PRC every three years. Learn how to complete a Police Records Check.

Promoting Girl Guides
Advertising, public awareness, recruitment and social media tools and materials for promoting Girl Guides. Spread the message of Girl Greatness.

Property Bookings
During operating season, access over 500 indoor and outdoor spaces at GGC camps in Ontario. Explore the camp facilities and book a property for your unit or event.

Resource Guiders
Are you looking to enhance your unit program? Requesting a Resource Guider is a great option! Resource Guiders are adult members of Girl Guides of Canada, who offer a variety of programs on topics such as healthy and active living, art, travel, Guiding resources and camping resources. Request a Resource Guider.

Safe Guide
Safe Guide is the document that Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) provides to members in the preparation of plans for exciting activities and opportunities in their quest to deliver innovative activities for girls. Find Safe Guide forms, procedures and documents

Ontario Council recognizes the importance of continuing education. Learn more about available scholarships and how to apply.

Discover a variety of training programs, including TEAM, first aid and CPR, e-learning and orientation to Guiding. Learn more about training.

National and provincial resources for independent trips, including Safe Guide documents, fundraising application forms, budget templates and more. Access Trips resources.

Trefoil Guild
Trefoil Guild membership is for women from age 30 to whenever! Belonging to a Trefoil Guild is a great way to connect socially with other adult members of Guiding, as well as a way to support girls and Guiders through such activities as fundraising or event planning.  Learn more about Trefoil Guild.

Unit Banking
All units, Trefoil Guilds and Independent Trips in Ontario and Nunavut use Ontario Council's Centralized Banking System for all revenues and expenses. Go to the Unit Banking site.

Unit Rosters
How to access Unit Rosters via Memberzone. Read the Unit Roster instructions.

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