Awards and Recognition

Visit Survey Monkey Apply to complete your award nomination. All award packages will be sent directly to the nominator unless otherwise indicated on the nomination form. Please see the Award FAQs for more information.

Steps for preparing an award nomination

  1. Review the different awards.
  2. How to select an award:
    • Review all requirements of the award to avoid processing delays
    • Confirm that the nominee has the award prerequisites. Email to confirm what awards the person has already received.
  • The person responsible for approving an award cannot also be the nominator
  • A member may only receive one award per year for similar activities. For example, if a member receives the Bronze Unit Guider award, they will not be considered for the Silver Unit Guider award until the following year
  1. Tips for Letter of Support:
    A letter of support for an award application is your chance to illustrate the impact of the member's contributions to Guiding and to highlight the nominee. Here are some tips to consider when writing a letter of support:
    • Begin with an introduction which identifies the nominee, the award being applied for and a short summary of the nominee's role(s) and accomplishments
    • In the body of the letter, explain why the individual is deserving of the award. Use specific examples within the letter. You can break the examples down into paragraphs and refer to her accomplishments in the areas of:
    • Be sure to include only the most relevant details and clearly tie them to the award criteria. Why should this person receive this particular award?
    • Letters can come from Guiders, parents, girls, other volunteer organizations, employers/colleagues, teachers, etc.
    • Please note that letters are printed and mailed in the exact format they are received.
  2. Download the template with the letterhead.
  3. Be aware of the processing timelines:

    These timelines allow for the application to be reviewed and the presentation package to be mailed to you by regular post. We use a third-party mailing house and these timelines take into account their processing times as well. We are unable to accommodate last minute requests as our office does not carry an inventory of these awards.

    Unit Guider Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold), Merit Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold) Medal of Merit, ACL Award, Gold Thanks Pin, Team Award
    Reviewed by: National Reviewers
    Timeline: 6 – 10 weeks
    Purchased by: Ontario Council

    Ontario Award, Outstanding Youth Award
    Reviewed by: Ontario Reviewers
    Timeline: 6 – 10 weeks
    Purchased by: Ontario Council

    Beaver, Gold Maple Leaf, Honorary Life, Fortitude, Valour
    Reviewed by: National Reviewers, Ontario Council, National Council
    Timeline: 8 – 12 weeks
    Purchased by: Ontario Council

The Silver Thanks Pin no longer requires a nomination. This award can be purchased from the Guiding Store and is reserved for giving thanks to people and organizations who are not Guiding members.

Steps for submitting an award nomination

  1. The award nomination user manual outlines how to use the SurveyMonkey Apply platform, in detail. To begin the online application process, go to the SurveyMonkey Apply site.
  2. If it is your first time using SurveyMonkey Apply, you will need to create a user profile and password (this system is not linked to Member Zone, iMIS or Fluid Review).   
  3. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email that it has been successfully submitted. 
  4. Once a decision has been made, you will receive another email letting you know if your award nomination has been approved or declined.  

Presentation of the award

  1. All award packages will be sent directly to the nominator unless otherwise indicated on the application. Please see the Award FAQs for more information. 
  2. If you want to present the award in person, please refer to the Return to In-Person Guiding Protocols

Provincial and National awards for adults

For a list of all Provincial and National awards, their descriptions and requirements, please visit Member Zone

Ontario Specific Awards

Ontario Award

The Ontario Award (created in 1980) is approved by Ontario Council and is presented to adult members for extended dedicated service in any facet of Guiding. It is based on the following criteria:

  • The nominee is a registered member of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council with a current Police Records Check (PRC) or PRC exemption.
  • Has contributed significantly to her Administrative Community, Provincial Specialty Community or Province and the wider community.
  • Displays exceptional leadership qualities within Guiding.
  • Enthusiastically brings her personal talents and skills to Guiding.
  • Enables and gives the opportunity to our girl and youth members to practice their leadership skills either directly or indirectly.
  • Lives by the ideals of the Guiding Promise and Law; is a positive role model within and out of Guiding; actively promotes Guiding and its benefits.
  • Is well respected by Guiders and other members of the community.

Once submitted, this award is reviewed by the Ontario Review Committee and a member of Ontario Council.

Upon approval of the award, a presentation package, including a pin purchased by Ontario Council, will be mailed.

External awards for adults

In addition to awards available from Girl Guides of Canada, there are awards available for volunteers from communities across Ontario.


Learn more and apply for scholarships

Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council recognizes the importance of continuing education. That’s why we offer scholarship programs to encourage further education of our active members. Use the links below to learn more about these programs, including eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Learn more and apply for scholarships:

You can also learn about National Girl Guides of Canada Scholarships

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