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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the transfer form used for?

It can be used for the following purposes:
  • To transfer funds to another unit for money owed to that unit (cookies, joint camp or joint purchase etc.)
  • To transfer Canadian World Friendship Fund (CWFF)
  • To make a payment to a Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council camp or event
  • To transfer the NSF cheque fee to Ontario Council

Where can I find the transfer form?

It is available under the 'Transactions' drop-down menu of your Unit banking account.
Refer to Quick Tip 8.

I’ve input a transfer request, but the funds have not come out of my account. Why?

Transfers are not processed in real time. Unit-to-Unit transfers are processed usually daily and Unit-to-Council transfers (e.g. camp payment, event payments) may take day or two.

A parent has paid the membership fees in cash. Should I deposit this in the unit account?

Yes, and then confirm receipt of payment with your Unit Administrator. She will request the transfer for the full payment to Ontario Council. Do not deposit membership fees paid by cheque. Send the cheque along with registration paperwork to your Unit Administrator.

How does my unit receive the girl portion of the membership fees?

Ontario Council will transfer the funds to your unit account weekly starting sometime in September.

Why were membership fees taken from my account?

The only time this would happen is when your unit has confirmed that membership fees need to be transferred to Ontario Council.

When will the cookie money be removed from the unit account?

The money will be automatically withdrawn on the due date listed on the invoice. The invoice is sent to you approximately one month before the due date. Do not prepare a manual expense or transfer request.

Can Ontario Council just take money from my unit account?

Ontario Council will withdraw money owed for cookies according to the invoice sent to your unit during each campaign, Otherwise, funds are transferred in or out according to documented agreements.

How do I transfer CWFF to Province?

Complete the Transfer form and indicate that it is a Unit-to-Province transfer. Only your unit knows how much to transfer so this is not done automatically.

CWFF funds help support:
  • Disaster relief in WAGGGS nations
  • Twinning projects
  • Mutual Aid projects
  • World Centres
  • International travel
  • Western Hemisphere region work for WAGGGS

Why has a transfer appeared as a negative expense in my unit account?

A negative expense means that your unit has received money, not lost money. The unit that initiated the transfer to your unit specified that this was a "shared expense" meaning that they are reimbursing your unit for a portion of an expense. This is treated like a refund.

I made a mistake on the transfer form. How can I cancel or change the request?

Go to ‘transactions’ then transfers, click on ‘view’. If the transfer shows up, you can then go ahead and click on the ID number to open it and you can edit or delete. If it already has been ‘Verified, Provincial’ contact banking.admin1@guidesontario.org for help.
6/20/2024 9:05:05 PM