Unit Banking - Purchase Cards

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my unit required to have a purchase card?

Ontario Council encourages all units to have a purchase card. This allows the unit to make unit purchases without Unit Guiders paying for them.

Can we have two purchase cards for the unit?

Yes, each unit may have up to two purchase cards. However, the unit will be responsible for paying the $15 annual card fee for the second card.
Both cards will have a default limit of $150 ($300 split between the two cards). For two card holders in a unit, although the default limit on each card is $150, you may put in a request for a higher credit limit on either card.  Please note that a ‘permanent limit’ is only for the current Guiding year, and will revert back to the default limit at the last month of the current Guiding year (August 28th).

Do the Purchase Card Holder and Treasurer have to be the same person?

No, they can be two different people. Your unit can have a Treasurer who is also the Purchase Card Holder; it's a decision for your unit to make. For accountability and separation of roles, it is recommended that these be different people if possible. Please note that your purchase card holder must be a member of Guiding. Non-member volunteer treasurers cannot be purchase card holders.

Can the purchase card holder scan and email or fax receipts to the unit Treasurer?

Yes, electronic submissions are acceptable, however the purchase card holder should indicate the date scanned and her initials on the receipt prior to sending to the Treasurer.  The treasurer will then add the transaction number once it has been verified in Unit Banking (webform).

The Unit Banking Clerk is able to accept an electronic copy of the receipt (by scan and email or fax) but each receipt requires the transaction number, date scanned and the scanner's initials on it. Once the scan is accepted by the Unit Banking Clerk, the original receipt is no longer required to be forwarded to her.
Receipts must be submitted on an ongoing basis but at a minimum of December 1, March 1 and June 30.

How do I edit the Before Tax Amount and Tax Amount?

Click the ‘Edit Amounts’ button in the middle (grey) section of the transaction and then click “OK” when the pop-up box appears. (Do this first before choosing the distribution.) Change the before tax and the total tax amounts and then hit the Save button. Then click ‘Edit’ at the top or bottom (white section) to choose the distribution, write comments and input taxes (HST or GST at the bottom of the page). Choose to ‘Edit Amounts’ first and then ‘Edit’. If you ‘Edit’ first, then do the ‘Edit Amounts’, your distribution will disappear and you will have to re-do this process.

See Quick Tip 7.

My Unit Banking Clerk ‘unverified’ my purchase card expense. I have made the appropriate changes, but the expense is still listed as ‘Unverified, Guider’. What am I doing wrong?

Once the corrections are made and saved, click on the "thumbs-up" icon to verify your expense.

I have allocated my expense to the wrong category. How do I correct this?

If you no longer see the ‘Edit’ button and it is not "Verified, Provincial", contact your Unit Banking Clerk and it will be unverified. Once it is unverified you can edit the transaction then click the thumbs up icon. If the expense is ‘Verified, Provincial’, you will need to complete a Unit-to-Unit Transfer request, from and to your unit, to reallocate the funds. For help with the Unit-to-Unit Transfer contact your Unit Banking Administrator at banking.admin1@guidesontario.org.

See Quick Tip 8.

Is the purchase card a debit card?

No. The purchase card is a VISA credit card. The card can be used at any store that accepts VISA. The credit limit is a pre-set monthly limit, not a daily limit. The card cannot be used to withdraw cash. Only the cardholder is authorized to use the card. PIN numbers must not be shared with other Guiders.

Do I need to activate the purchase card before I use it?

Yes. You will receive an activation instruction letter along with the purchase card. Do not throw the letter away; you will need it if you forget your PIN number. Please read over everything before you call and activate your card. If you have questions, contact purchasecard.admin@guidesontario.org or call 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2409 for assistance.

I’ve forgotten my PIN – how do I get a new one?

Call Customer Service, 1-800-588-8065 to reset your pin. Please refer to the instructions that came with your VISA. If you don’t have the letter, please call 1-877-323-4545 ext 2409 for assistance.

My card is expiring next month, how do I get a new one?

The card expires on the last day of the month indicated on the card. Look out for an email from the Purchase Card Administrator to confirm your position and mailing address in IMIS. You will automatically receive a new card before the old one expires.

When are the charges cleared off my card? When will my card limit be topped up?

The charges are cleared on the 28th of each month. However, if the 28th of the month falls on a weekend or public holiday, the charges are cleared on the next business day.

Do I have to pay a VISA bill each month?

No. Ontario Council pays the bill on behalf of your unit. However, each purchase card charge must be covered by the funds in your unit account to ensure that the unit does not go into deficit.

I’ve made a purchase on the card. When will the charge appear in my unit account?

The charge will appear in your account within three to five business days. Each charge reduces your unit account balance. Do not use the purchase card if you do not have sufficient funds to cover the charge. Treasurers should ensure that the Purchase Card Holder is aware of the unit balance at all times (especially prior to making any purchases).

When I make an online purchase using the purchase card, what is my billing address?

The billing address is "50 MERTON STREET, TORONTO ON M4S 1A3". The billing phone number is 416-487-5281.
The shipping address is your own address.

How do I allocate a purchase card refund?

Allocate the refund in the same way that you allocate a purchase, except use negative numbers. (Note: Negative numbers will only work in this situation, as it is money credited to your unit account and reducing your total expenses.)

How do I know what my credit limit is?

The default limit is $300, for one cardholder and $150 for two cardholders, unless you have been approved for a credit limit increase. Remember purchases that you have made with the purchase card will lower your available credit.

How do I request a credit limit increase?

The unit Treasurer completes the Credit Limit Request form, which is available under the "Transactions" drop-down menu in your Unit banking account. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your increase at the email address you put in on the request form. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in the unit account to cover the amount of the credit increase.

See Quick Tip 12.

How early do I need to submit a credit limit request?

At minimum, you should submit the request at least three business days before you need the increase to take effect. For urgent requests, complete the Credit Limit Request form on your computer and then email it to the Unit Banking Administrator at banking.admin1@guidesontario.org.

How can I find out the balance on my purchase card?

The Unit Treasurer should run a balance report (available under the "Reports" drop-down menu of your Unit account) using the 27th of the month as a start-date and the current date as the end-date. Near the bottom of the report, you'll see an amount next to Purchase Cards. Subtract this amount from your current credit limit to find out your balance. Any recent purchase card transactions that have not appeared in your account yet will also reduce your balance.

See Quick Tip 9 and Quick Tip 10.

How do I know what charges have been made on the Purchase Card? Can I get an Online Statement?

Charges made with the card will show up in your unit bank account, and they need to be allocated. US Bank Canada does have an online facility for you to view your statements; you will have to register for it.

To register, go to the US Bank website and click on the "Register Online" link. When prompted for your Organization Short Name, enter 'GGCOC'.

Will manual expenses and transfers lower the credit balance on the purchase card?

No. Your purchase card credit balance is not affected by manual expenses or transfers. The purchase card credit balance is reduced each time you make a purchase using the card only.

Can the purchase card be used in other countries?

Yes, but before traveling abroad, notify US Bank Canada (1-800-588-8065) of where you will be going. Otherwise, they may suspect unusual or fraudulent activity and lock your card. You can also e-mail Unit Banking at purchasecard.admin@guidesontario.org for assistance.

Why was my purchase card declined?

There are several possibilities:
  1. The amount of your purchase is higher than the available credit on the card. Request a credit limit increase in advance by completing the Credit Limit Request Form. (See Quick Tip 12)
  2. For an online purchase, you must enter the billing information for Girl Guides of Canada, not your own information. (See the billing address instructions above). If the billing address does not match what is on file, the transaction may be declined.
  3. You made a purchase prior to the 28th of the month, but the merchant did not post the charge until after the 28th of the month. The amount of this purchase has carried over to the next cycle.
  4. A merchant has pre-authorized an amount on your card, which has locked in the limit. For example, a hotel has placed a security deposit on the card.

Contact the Purchase Card Administrator at purchasecard.admin@guidesontario.org for assistance with situations 3 and 4.

I have lost my purchase card or it has been stolen. What do I do?

Immediately report this to US Bank Canada at 1-800-588-8067. Contact the Purchase Card Administrator at purchasecard.admin@guidesontario.org or call 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2409.

There is a purchase card charge in my account that I did not make. What do I do?

Immediately notify the Purchase Card Administrator at purchasecard.admin@guidesontario.org or call 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2409.

Your card will be cancelled and a new card will be sent to you. US Bank will credit your account for the amount of the fraudulent charge. Within a couple of weeks, you will be asked to complete a Statement of Fraud document to assist in the investigation. Failure to complete and return this document may result in the reversal of the credit.

I am switching to a different unit. Can I continue to use the purchase card that I have?

No. The card is specific to you and the unit. Complete the Centralized Banking Authorizations Form. You will receive a new purchase card within two weeks. Destroy and discard the old purchase card.

I accidentally used my unit purchase card for a personal expense. What should I do?

Make a deposit to the unit account for the full amount of the charge. Allocate the purchase card expense to "Other Administrative", the deposit to "Others" and write an explanation in the comments section. The Tax Amount on the expense must be entered as $0. Submit the deposit slip, purchase card receipt and a note of explanation to your Unit Banking Clerk.

How is my purchase card tied to my unit bank account?

Although the purchase card is a VISA credit card, unlike your personal card, all charges put on the purchase card are uploaded automatically to your unit bank account as soon as the purchases are posted by the merchant. Because this affects your balance you must have funds in the account to cover the purchases made on the card, prior to the purchase. Your card has a monthly credit limit (usually $300). Even though you see the charges on your unit banking account as they are posted, the VISA is topped up on the 28th of each month (or the next business day). You can calculate the credit limit left on the card by subtracting from your monthly credit limit the purchases you see in your account from the 28th of the previous month, and any purchases that have not yet shown in the account.

Does there need to be an active Treasurer in the unit, for my purchase card to be active?

Yes, as per National Governance there must be an active Treasurer to verify and monitor the unit expenses. The purchase card will be blocked from use if there is not an active Treasurer for the Unit.
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