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NDDS Touch Tone Instructions
Calculation of Confirmation Number

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean when you use Non-RBC banking?

Your Unit Banking is "Non-RBC" (i.e. not Royal Bank of Canada) when you make deposits at a different financial institution. This can include TD, CIBC, BMO, SCOTIA etc. Your unit will also have an RBC account which the treasurer will need to initiate transfers of the deposits to the  RBC centralized banking account. The treasurer will continue to use Webform to allocate the deposits and expenses.

Why would I have a Non-RBC account?

Some Units are unable to make deposits at RBC due to the distance from the closest RBC branch. For these Units, a Non-RBC Banking option is available.

How do I register for Non-RBC Banking?

If there is no RBC branch near where you live or work, please contact your Unit Banking Clerk or banking.admin1@guidesontario.org. In your request, please indicate who will be authorized on the account (treasurer's name and last name) and the name and mailing address of the branch where the account will be opened. The Unit Banking Administrator will contact you to discuss the process of how to open the account. Any exception to RBC banking must be approved by the Finance Director.

How do I make deposits to a Non-RBC account?

You will deposit money into your Non-RBC account and depending on the bank, you may or may not have to fill out deposit slips. When a deposit is made into the Non-RBC account please proceed with a telephone transfer (NDDS) as soon as possible. The transfer must be for the exact amount you deposited. Please follow the NDDS Touch Tone steps (click on the link below for detailed instructions). At this time you will be asked to call the Royal Bank number and follow these steps.

See NDDS Touch Tone Instructions.

How do I know my telephone transfer went through?

There is a confirmation number calculation that you will need to assure that your report was accepted by Royal Bank’s NDDS and to allow you to instantly verify that the amount was entered correctly. Usually it takes one to two business days to see a transaction in your Centralized Banking account.

See Calculation of Confirmation Number.

What does NDDS Method-3 mean?

NDDS stands for the National Direct Deposit Service, which simply means telephone transfer. It is an automated deposit service that deals with the movement of Canadian Dollars from any financial institution within Canada to a Royal Bank account.

Who gets the statements for Non-RBC accounts?

Ontario Council should receive the monthly or quarterly statements for the Non-RBC accounts. You should make sure that when opening up an account you have entered 180 Duncan Mill Rd., Suite 100, Toronto, ON M3B 1Z6 as the mailing address. Depending with which bank you open your account, monthly or quarterly statements will be sent.
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