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Quick Tip 13 – Requesting a Cash Advance
Cash Advance Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I use the ‘Cash Advance’ distribution category for?

The category is used for either petty cash or an event that requires cash payment. This allocation is not for "Advancement Ceremony purchases", and can only be used for a manual expense.

Can I get a Cash Advance so that I have ‘cash on hand’?

Yes. You can get a Cash Advance of $50.00. Input a Manual Expense, the Merchant and allocation in the distribution will both be ‘CASH ADVANCE’ and send an email to your Unit Banking Clerk letting them know you have entered it.
See Quick Tip 13.

After you have spent most of the money and before the end of the guiding year,you must submit the receipts to support the cash advance expenditures with the Cash Advance Calculator and send them to your Unit Banking Clerk.

What is the process for ‘cash on hand’, an ongoing Cash Advance?

  • The Treasurer will receive the money by cheque or Direct Deposit payment. If a cheque is received, the Treasurer should deposit the $50 cheque in her personal account and withdraw the amount in cash.
  • The cash should be kept in a container (jar or envelope).
  • Every time an expense is paid using the cash advance money, the transaction must be recorded on the Cash Advance Calculator.
  • If a Guider is reimbursed for an expense using the cash advance, both the Treasurer and Guider must initial the receipt.
  • Keep all receipts in the container.
  • All receipt amounts plus leftover cash should total $50.
  • Deposit any leftover cash in the Unit account and record the transaction on the Cash Advance Calculator, to close the Cash Advance.
  • Do not enter the receipts from the Cash Advance in Unit Banking (Web-form), only record on the calculator and then send them to your Unit Banking Clerk.
  • Mail or email/fax your Cash Advance Calculator to your Unit Banking Clerk.

I have a local event coming up that will require a cash payment. How do I do this?

Create a Manual Expense payable to a Guider in the Unit. Specify "Cash Advance" in the comments field. Send an e-mail or a note of explanation to your Unit Banking Clerk. After the event, complete the Cash Advance Calculator and deposit any leftover money back into the Unit account, and send all receipts to your Unit Banking Clerk.

Note: Event Coordinators working with event planners on larger events will have a different process.

See Quick Tip 13.

How do I top up my advance?

When you have less than $10 in cash left, send in your Cash Advance Calculator with receipts, to your Unit Banking Clerk and submit another manual expense request to top up the cash advance amount to $50. You cannot have more than $50 at any given time.
For example, if you have $7.50 left in the Cash Advance jar, you should have receipts totaling $42.50. Your top up request will be a manual expense totaling is $42.50.

How do I close my advance?

Deposit all leftover money in the Unit account (allocate it to Z - OC Clearing Account). Mail or email/fax the completed Cash Advance Calculator with all the receipts to your Unit Banking Clerk.

Note that Cash Advances must be closed by the end of the year along with your Year-end Reconciliation.
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