Finances and You

Did you know....

The proper management of funds held by Girl Guides of Canada is the responsibility of every member of the Organization.

  • Any funds collected in the name of Girl Guides of Canada are considered public funds and must be safeguarded and all receipts and expenditures carefully recorded and documented on a timely basis.
  • The Financial Standards Document has information and guideline has the information you need ensure you are doing the following proper proposal  and procedures for financial management of Girl Guide funds.

Please used this as a reference in conjunction with the current edition of Guiding Essentials (Section 8 Finance) and the Standard Financial Reporting Manual.

Girl Guide cookies are the major fundraiser for GGC and a time honored Canadian tradition. It is through the proceeds generated through cookie purchases that we are able to provide our girl members opportunities for fun, friendship and adventure by participating in imaginative and innovative programming. Occasionally Units and Groups may identify a need to raise funds in addition to the selling of our Cookies. Prior to organizing or participating in any Fundraising events, please review the following. And don’t forget that you speak with your Commissioner for approval.

Financial and Fundraising Resources

Proof of Insurance

INS02 form (proof of Insurance) available on Member Zone


Did you know that because Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada is one entity,
our National level holds the liability insurance policy for the whole organization?
Only specific Guiders who have taken further training and been authorized by
Girl Guides of Canada to sign on behalf of the organization can sign contracts!
In NS all contracts must be sent to the Provincial office:
for review and signing by an authorized contract signer. If you, as a Guider, sign any contracts, you could be held personally liable. For more very important information or questions about contracts, or the contract authorization process, please contact the Office Manager for clarification.
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