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Girl Guides of Canada - Nova Scotia Council recognizes the importance of higher education and commends those girls and women who plan to continue their education beyond high school. The Nova Scotia Bursary, minimum of $1000, is awarded annually to a Nova Scotia Guiding member who wishes to continue her education beyond high school. More than one $1000 bursary may be awarded.

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School Credit Letters for Achievements

Did you know Pathfinder and Ranger members who complete their Canada Cord and/or Trail Blazer Gold Award, and attend a Nova Scotia public school, are able to have these achievements recognized as a full personal development credit on their academic transcripts?

Pathfinders who received their Canada Cord can have this recognized as a grade 10-level credit, and Rangers can have their Trail Blazer Gold Award recognized as a grade 12-level credit. This credit provides students with an opportunity to meet their graduation requirements by using one personal development credit as an elective credit within the 18 required to graduate.

Members can request a letter by completing the School Credit Letter Request Form, and a letter will be forwarded to you via email. It is the members responsibility to ensure it is delivered to the appropriate person at their school.

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