Awards & Recognition

The presentation of awards and recognition to Guiders is a vital way of recognizing their contributions in a formal way. Awards are given to honour the recipient. Everyone is encouraged to present them regularly to show how much our Guiders are appreciated. Never wait until a job is finished to offer recognition. Please be sure to show recognition and thanks in many other informal ways over and above these official awards.

NS Awards are moving to an online portal through Survey Monkey Apply. You may be familiar with Survey Monkey Apply from the national Scholarship or Safe Guide applications. Information on available Awards can be found on Member Zone.

Apply for awards using the online portal.

Provincial Youth Recognition

The Lady Baden-Powell Award (Guides), Canada Cord Award (Pathfinders) and Trailblazer Leadership Award (Rangers) are the highest awards that girls can earn in Girl Guides.

Please note only those members who are in attendance at the ceremony will receive their Certificates and Awards. Unit Guiders are responsible for coordinating the presentation of these with those members who are unable to attend the event or who do not attend on the day of.

The 2023 Event is, once again, being hosted in person:
Saturday April 22, 2023
1 p.m. Award recipients arrival time
2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Ceremony
Spatz Theater, Citadel High School, Halifax NS

Youth Recognition Event Application Form

NS School Credit Information

Learn more about the:

Full Circle Award

Youth Commitment Award

See the Challenges page for applications.

Award Applications: National R.3 (Member Zone login required, under Admin —> Forms Index, Other).

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