NS Council

Debbie and Cindy, PCs
Provincial Co-Commissioners

Debbie Mellish and Cindy O'Hearn: ns-pc@girlguides.ca

Deputy Provincial Commissioner
Mary Louise Johnson – Area Support: ns-dpc1@girlguides.c

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Need to contact your Area Commissioners?

Ceilidh – Joyce: ns-ceilidhac@girlguides.ca
Dartmouth Shore – Cat: ns-dartmouthshoreac@girlguides.ca
Harbourside – Alix: ns-harboursideac@girlguides.ca
Harvest Trail – Julia: ns-harvesttrailac@girlguides.ca
Tri-Waters – Jennifer: ns-tri-watersac@girlguides.ca
Maplewood – Rachael: ns-maplewoodac@girlguides.ca

Area locations can be determined on our NS Guiding Area Map

Under the direction of Girl Engagement and Member Services Coordinators the Advisory Committees of Camping, International, Program, Training, Public Relations, Membership Recruitment and Retention, Link and Trefoil, help support Guiding in NS. Rounding out the Provincial Team are: Risk Management (Safe Guide Advisors, Camp Properties, Girl Protection) and the Provincial Treasurer; Finance (Cookie Adviser) and our Elected members for Youth, Property Management and Strategic Communications.

Provincial Advisers and committees

Girl Engagement – Jamie: ns-girlengagement@girlguides.ca
Provincial Treasurer – Andrea: ns-treasurer@girlguides.ca
Cookie Adviser – Lorena: ns-cookies@girlguides.ca
Risk and Compliance – Melinda: ns-riskcompliance@girlguides.ca
Girl Protection – C/O PC: ns-girlprotection@girlguides.ca
Safe Guide Adviser – Alana: ns-sgadviser@girlguides.ca
Link Liaison – Emilee: ns-link@girlguides.ca
Trefoil Adviser – Darlene: ns-trefoil@girlguides.ca
Youth Liaison – Vacant: ns-youth@girlguides.ca
Property Management – Barb: ns-member1@girlguides.ca
Camp Properties – Barb: ns-member1@girlguides.ca
Camping Adviser – Cheryl: ns-camping@girlguides.ca
    Kwahee – Vacant: ns-kwahee@girlguides.ca
    Spark Ember Camp – Beth: ns-sparkleandglowlead@girlguides.ca
    Quest – Alana: ns-quest@girlguides.ca
International Adviser – Vacant: ns-international@girlguides.ca

Member Services Coordinator – Kathy: ns-memberservices@girlguides.ca
Membership Adviser – volunteers needed: ns-membershipadviser@girlguides.ca

Training Adviser – Jennifer: ns-training@girlguides.ca
Training Development Coordinator – Nicole: ns-trainingdevelopment@girlguides.ca

PR and Communications Adviser – Delana: ns-prcomm@girlguides.ca
Social Media – Chelsey: ns-socialmedia@girlguides.ca

Archives Chair – Jennifer: ns-archives@girlguides.ca

Program – volunteers needed
    Adviser - Emma: ns-program@girlguides.ca
    Active Living: ns-activeliving@girlguides.ca
    Arts: ns-arts@girlguides.ca
    Stem: ns-stem@girlguides.ca
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