Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Girl Guide volunteer. We’re so excited for you to complete screening so you can start sharing incredible moments with girls.

The application form will ask you some detailed questions about the type of participation you are interested in; your screening process is tailored to reflect the type of participation you are looking for. After you apply to volunteer with us, you’ll start getting emails about your next step in the screening process. Here are all the steps to the screening process; the emails you are sent will tell you what steps are applicable to you, and how to complete them.

This is how our application process works:

  1. Submit an application form

  2. Screening interview:
    You’ll receive instructions via email on how to book a screening interview We’ll also send you a link to our Orientation to Guiding resource. Please read this before the interview. If you have any questions about GGC, ask us in the interview, or reach out to email us at If your screening requires an interview, you need to complete the interview to progress further through screening.

  3. Police Records Check and references:
    Within two business days of your interview, you’ll receive an email from Sterling BackCheck to complete a Police Records Check (PRC) and provide three references.

  4. Member Zone activation:
    Activating your Member Zone account will give you access to our members only area of our website. You’ll receive instructions once you complete your interview.

  5. Safe Guide training:
    Complete this 1 hour-long risk management e-course on how to offer activities for girls. Before you can undertake this training, you should activate your Member Zone account.

  6. Volunteer placement:
    Once steps 1-5 are complete, you’re considered a member of GGC. Congrats! You will receive an email confirming your membership. Next, we’ll help you find a unit or volunteer position so you can start mentoring girls in your community!

Application process and timeline

How long does this screening and placement process take?

It is possible for all components of the screening process to be completed within 7-10 days after you submit your application, but the timeline is dependent on how quickly you complete the required steps. Please keep an eye on your email for notifications of when you can complete the next steps, and note that all steps must be completed within 4 months of the application.

I submitted my application a few days ago and haven't heard anything – what do I do now?

Adult membership applications are typically processed within 1-2 business days. Please check your junk mail for emails from us. If you haven't heard anything, you can send the copy of the application form confirmation email you received to

Do I have to complete the full screening process if I'm a parent only looking to help a few times a year?

If you’re planning to volunteer at a few events throughout the year, a non-member Unit Assistant role might be the right fit. To become a non-member Unit Assistant, you do not need to undergo the full screening process. Here are the steps:

  1. Complete the non-member volunteer application form and send it to
  2. Once your application has been processed, you’ll be sent a link to complete your Police Records Check (PRC). The cost for a non-member PRC through our partner Sterling BackCheck is $23.99 + HST. If you would prefer to receive a volunteer service letter to take to your local police detachment or if you already have a completed PRC, please email us at Any costs associated with a local check will be the responsibility of the non-member applicant.

If your question is not addressed, contact us at

I have just completed the Ranger program, but I’m not yet the age of majority in my province or territory. What do I do if I want to become an adult member?

If you haven't yet turned the age of majority, you can complete the girl registration form and become a bridging member - make sure you’re completing a paper form so no payment is collected, as you’ll not be working on program.

As a bridging member, you can be a Junior Leader with a younger branch, or active as a girl member-at-large. Please connect with to get more details.

Once you reach the age of majority in your province or territory, complete the adult membership application form and your screening process will begin.


How do I book an interview?

After your application for membership is processed, you are sent an email with the link to our booking calendar. If you haven’t received an email, please check your junk mail. If you haven’t heard from us, please email us at

All appointments are booked in Eastern time – what do I do if I am in another time zone?

Our booking platform displays all available interview times in Eastern time. Need help figuring out time zones? Use this Time Zone converter.

The appointment confirmation email you receive has an attached calendar invite. Please open and save it to your calendar. The invite will adjust your booking from Eastern to your time zone. If after the adjustment, the time doesn’t work for you, you can reschedule your appointment.

What do I have to do at my scheduled interview time?

When it is time for your interview, we will call you at the contact number you provided when booking your appointment.

We may be calling you from a private number. If this an issue, please contact

I have some questions before I book my interview – who do I contact?

The interview is a good opportunity to raise any questions you have. You’ll have one on one time with us. And we’ll give you the opportunity to ask questions.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask before taking booking your interview, please contact us at

Police Record Check (PRC) and references

Who can I use as a reference?

Personal references cannot include family members. Friends, coworkers, people you have previously volunteered with are acceptable references. GGC requests a list of three references to contact as part of the screening process.

How do I go about getting a Police Records Check (PRC)?

We partner with Sterling BackCheck to get PRCs and references completed. Please keep an eye out for any emails you might receive from Sterling BackCheck in your inbox or junk mail.

If you need any help with or have questions about the BackCheck system, please contact BackCheck support at 1-877-455-6730 or After your PRC is completed and entered to the member database, GGC will send you an email confirmation.

I don’t have my Sterling BackCheck link or the link has expired. What do I do?

Please check your junk mail for the email. Or contact

I've just turned age of majority in my province or territory. Can I still use Sterling BackCheck to get my PRC done?

The online PRC via Sterling BackCheck uses your credit history to verify your identity (this is not a credit check, simply a process to verify your identity). If you have just turned age of majority and have limited credit history, it is possible that we will not be able to verify your identity online.

If this is the case, Sterling BackCheck will provide you with a form you must take to a Canada Post location to complete the identity verification.

Alternatively, if you prefer to receive a volunteer service letter to take to a local police detachment, please contact

Does Sterling BackCheck look into my credit rating?

No. This information is only used as a means to electronically verify your identity to ensure the Police Records Check is being completed for the correct individual. GGC and Sterling BackCheck do not gain access to your credit information when you complete the process. GGC does not know what questions you’ll be asked as part of this process, nor does GGC receive the answers.

Why is Sterling BackCheck sending me to Canada Post?

If Sterling BackCheck is unable to confirm your identity through the electronic identity verification, you’ll be able to download a form and visit a Canada Post location with two pieces of government issued ID. Once you have the form completed, follow the instructions with Sterling BackCheck to get this form back to them and get your PRC underway.

I've recently completed a PRC for another purpose. Do I still need to complete a PRC with GGC?

GGC requires a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (level 2) police records check completed within 12 months of the date you submitted your adult membership application form. If you have completed a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (level 2 or higher) within the mentioned time frame, please send a readable, scanned copy to or mail your clearly photocopied or original copy to:

Girl Guides of Canada
100-180 Duncan Mill Road
Toronto, ON
M3B 1Z6 

Please note that an employer attestation will not suffice.

I prefer to not use Sterling BackCheck to complete my PRC. What other options do I have?

If you prefer to visit a local police service to complete your PRC, please let us know during your interview, or by email at

We will send you a volunteer service letter that you can take to your local police service that outlines the level of PRC that GGC requires.

Please note that any costs associated with a local check will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Safe Guide training

What is Member Zone? How do I get in?

Member Zone is GGC's members only website where fully screened members can find helpful resources including unit rosters, Safe Guide training, Orientation to Guiding, and more. 

Once you have completed your PRC and References, you’ll be sent information on how to activate your Member Zone account.

Do I need to activate my Member Zone account before completing Safe Guide training?

We recommend that you complete the account activation process before you do the Safe Guide training. Once your account is activated, the training completion will save to your profile. If your account is not activated or you encounter any errors with saving the training completion, we will need to manually update your profile using a screenshot of your quiz score as proof of completion.

I just completed Safe Guide training but it says "Access Denied". What do I do?

Take a screenshot of your quiz score. If you get the "Access Denied" error, please send the screenshot to and we will manually record the training completion.

I completed my Safe Guide training. How do I confirm it did save to my profile?

If you login to your Member Zone account, click on "My Profile" and go to the "Activities" tab. Your training completion should be listed here.

GGC membership and volunteer placement

I’ve completed all of the steps – what’s next?

Now that you’ve completed the screening process, including interview, Orientation to Guiding, references and Police Records Check, and Safe Guide training, you are considered a ‘member’ of Girl Guides of Canada. We will coordinate with you and your local senior volunteer to confirm which volunteer position you’ll be placed in. You’ll be sent an email with these details and supported further as you step into this new role.

What types of membership options does GGC offer?

In completing the adult membership application, you’re on the path to becoming a fully screened member. Once your screening is completed, you can work with a girl unit, either as a full-time or part-time Guider (leader). You can also join a Trefoil Guild or Link Unit or be active as a Member-At-Large. As a fully screened member, there are a variety of administrative volunteer roles you can explore.

If you complete the non-member volunteer application form, you’ll be processed as a non member. In addition to completing the form, you’ll be asked to complete a police records check. As a non-member, you can participate either as a unit assistant, a support person who provides one-to-one support to a girl member, or a Treasurer for a unit.