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Link Membership: Guiding for young adults

Open to adults under 30

Link offers a unique membership experience tailored for adults under 30. Link members can engage in various activities through the Link program, connect with like-minded individuals, and meet others in their community that share a common interest in Guiding. Whether choosing to take part in Link program activities, becoming a Unit Guider, or volunteering in a way that suits their busy schedules, Link provides a flexible and fulfilling opportunity to stay involved in Guiding. Discover a great way to align your interests, skills and schedule with Girl Guides through Link!

What can you do in the Link program?

  • Personal and professional development
    Learn skills related to leadership, finance, career development and other lifelong learning initiatives.
  • Outdoors and adventure
    You can go camping, travel across the country or internationally, and get involved in environmental conservation.
  • Health and wellness
    Link members can work on their physical, emotional and mental health through activities relating to physical activity, healthy relationships and understanding cultural factors.
  • Active citizenship
    Become an engaged member of your community by honing advocacy skills and making change in the areas you are passionate about.

Benefits of Link membership

  • Participate in Link program activities and take on new challenges
  • Connect, socialize and network with other members in your community
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • National and international travel opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities at the local, provincial or national levels
  • Access to training programs
  • A connection to Girl Guides while you transition through school and career choices
  • Develop skills that are highly valued in the workplace, such as communications, event planning and more

How to join Link

Current members: If you are already a member of Girl Guides, reach out to your Provincial Council for details on how to get involved in Link in your community

New members: Complete the adult registration form. Where it says, “What type of Guiding experience are you interested in?” choose ‘other’ and write in Link!

"Link has helped me stay in touch with Guiding in a way that is entirely flexible – I can volunteer as much as works for my schedule as I finish my degree. Link gave me the opportunity to represent Girl Guides on an international stage and has shown me how to be involved in Guiding in new ways, while still giving me a way to do the classic things I loved about Guiding growing up – like camping and meeting new friends."
– Samantha, BC Link member

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