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Archives and You

The Archives exists to collect, preserve and promote awareness of the heritage of Girl Guides in New Brunswick.

Our objective is “to maintain archival collections, textural records (books, printed matter, electronically   stored data), photographs and other visual records, and recordings pertaining to Guiding in New Brunswick, including a records management program implemented in accordance with Girl Guides of Canada policies”.

A Living Memory: “Of all Provincial assets, Archives are the most precious. They are the gift of one generation to another and the extent of our care of them marks the extent of our commitment.” (Adapted from a quote by Sir Arthur Doughty, Dominion Archives, 1904-1953)

Since acquiring Guide House in 2004, we have a secure, dry area for our Guiding Archives and a mascot, Lady Violet. Our committee has been busy taking courses, sorting and generally learning how to manage the various materials on site plus additions arriving weekly. New Brunswick GGC Areas are encouraged to set up their own archives. We are presently compiling a list of retired (and famous) Guiders and Trefoil Guild members to interview for our oral history project. If you or your Area wish to do the same, be sure to get the person’s permission to do so.  Provincial GGC Archives needs to focus on provincial affairs, e.g. events, officers, visits by National representatives, etc. It is also a holding place for materials, catalogues, books, pictures, scrapbooks and museum artifacts of the past years of Guiding in NB.

We encourage “working groups” of volunteers to help with some specific tasks in our Archives space. As well, we love to host visits by your Units to see our collections, learn great “stuff” and perhaps earn a program badge/challenge. Contact us at:

Lady Violet Committee 

Here are some pictures from our Archives

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