Ontario Trefoil Challenge

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Ontario Trefoil challengeChallenge Overview

This challenge was designed by the members of the 2nd Moira Trefoil Guild for their sister Trefoil Guild members, as a tool to help with activity planning. The Ontario Trefoil Challenge gives members the opportunity to explore, experience, learn, share and have fun through the sisterhood of Guiding.

Challenge requirements:
To start or finish the challenge, complete one or more activity per category below and share as many of these activities that you can, with girl and adult members.

Out and About

  1. Participate in a leisure nature walk or hike.
  2. Plan and participate in an outdoor picnic.
  3. Hold an outdoor Trefoil meeting that ends with a campfire sing along.
  4. Visit local places of interest such as a historical building or site, factory, business or farmer's market. Include two destinations when planning.

New Tricks

  1. Learn a new culinary skill.
  2. Learn different methods of gardening.
  3. Update your technological skills.
  4. Learn a creative art such as needlework, woodwork or flower arranging.


  1. Participate in a local, national or international service project.
  2. Do a 'random act of kindness' for someone.
  3. Help with an event in your community. Please contact your ACL to find out how.
  4. Help plan and host an event for a group of girls and/or adult members.


  1. Take part in a wacky fashion, comedy or karaoke show.
  2. Participate in a group canvas painting class.
  3. Plan, perform or attend a play or concert.
  4. Plan activities around an era (i.e. dance, music, fads, fashion).

Rest and Relaxation

  1. Plan and hold a spa meeting.
  2. Participate in a session such as Tai Chi, yoga, meditation or Zumba.
  3. Visit a health wellness center or gym.
  4. Invite a speaker knowledgeable on a topic such as healthy living, mental health, addiction and abuse or crisis intervention.


  1. Attend and cheer on a local sports team.
  2. Learn about the Indigenous people of Ontario, past and present, as well as the diverse communities that now call this land home.
  3. Visit a wildlife rescue sanctuary or zoo.
  4. Play a classic game such as Checkers, Monopoly, Jacks or Cat's Cradle.


  1. Learn 10 interesting facts about Ontario that you didn't already know.
  2. Plan a trip (real or imaginary) to an attraction in Ontario.
  3. Learn more about Ontario's heritage.
  4. Learn and sing at least one song about Ontario.
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