Buy Cookies and Support Girl Greatness!

Cookie sale events are a safe way for girls to sell cookies in their communities and a convenient way for you to buy them and show your support for Girl Greatness. Selling cookies teaches girls important, entrepreneurial skills including goal setting, marketing, money management, customer service and more. Here’s how to buy our delicious cookies:

Cookie Finder Map

Girl Guides sell cookies at scheduled group events in your community during our spring (April-June) and fall (Sept-Nov) campaigns. Check out our interactive Cookie Finder Map to find out where to buy cookies in a location near you.

Contact Your Local Girl Guides Office

Looking for cookies and can’t find a selling location near you on our Cookie Finder Map? Contact us for help in finding cookies near you.*

Where the Cookie Dough Goes

Find out where the money spent on a case of cookies goes in our cookie infographic!

*Cookies are available while quantities last.
6/13/2021 10:53:23 AM