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Volunteer with Girl Guides and unleash her potential.

Imagine a place where you can spark extraordinary moments for girls in your community. As a Girl Guide volunteer, you’ll inspire girls and be their mentor as they explore new challenges, develop ready-for-anything skills and empower each other along the way. Picture all of the fun, adventure and confidence-building moments – that’s what you’ll help create for girls, and for yourself, too.   

As a Girl Guide volunteer, you’ll change their world – and your own.

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The impact you’ll make as a volunteer – for yourself and for girls

There are so many rewards to volunteering with Guiding:

  • Have a profound impact on girls in your community as you help them unleash their potential
  • Develop highly transferrable and LinkedIn-worthy skills
  • Connect with other amazing women as you volunteer together
  • Access to member-only training, special events and scholarships

Ways to Volunteer

Most of our volunteers work with Girl Guide groups in their community, facilitating empowering, hands-on activities for girls. As a Unit Guider, you can spark extraordinary opportunities that help girls build skills, confidence – and have fun!

There are also other volunteering opportunities that support Guiding, such assisting at special events or camps, serving as a Treasurer or a specialized adviser, or joining Link (up to age 30) or Trefoil Guild (women 30+).  

How to get started:

  1. Application. Complete the online registration form.
  2. Interview. You’ll participate in an interview to learn more about Guiding and find the right volunteering fit.
  3. References and background check. You’ll complete online police records and reference checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I do as a volunteer?

A. As a volunteer, you’ll be the key to providing girls 5 to 17 with the fun and challenge of Guiding. You’ll cheer them on, be their mentor and help them develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime.

As a Guider, you’ll help girls:

  • Make new friends and have fun adventures in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment
  • Learn the skills that will help them confidently navigate their world
  • Discover they can achieve more than they ever imagined
  • Realize that they can make a difference in the world

Along the way, you’ll meet amazing women in your community and have tons of fun, too.

Q. Are there different volunteer roles available?

A. Yes! We want to make volunteering as easy as possible for the adult members that make Guiding happen.

As a volunteer, you can choose to:

  • Work with girls in a unit. As a Unit Guider, you’ll offer enriching activities and experiences to girls, supported by programming resources along the way. (One to three hours a week from roughly September-June.)
  • Work with other adult volunteers behind the scenes or volunteer occasionally with girls. Adult volunteers can serve as Treasurers, assist at special girl events, volunteer at camps, or offer to share a unique skill by visiting girls in their units. (Two to four hours a month.)

Whatever role you choose, you’ll be given the help and support you need to succeed. We offer lots of training and e-learning opportunities, and provide activity ideas and program resources,

Q. What are the benefits of volunteering with Girl Guides?

A. Our members tell us that volunteering with GGC is one of their most personally rewarding experiences. There are so many rewards to volunteering with Guiding:

  • Having a profound impact on the lives of girls in your community
  • Countless opportunities to develop highly transferrable skills
  • Member-only training and special events – and the opportunity for scholarships

Q. Do I need to have a daughter in Guiding or have previous Guiding experience to get involved?

A. Absolutely not – all you need is a passion to make a difference in the lives of girls and young women. Everyone is welcome. We’ll show you the rest.

Q. How do I volunteer?

A. We’re always accepting new volunteers and you can join any time throughout the year. You can apply now to start the online application process to become a member.
Once you complete your application, you’ll be contacted by a local Guiding representative who will conduct an interview and orientation and help you find the best volunteering fit. You’ll also be asked to complete online police records and reference checks.

Need more information?

Email and you’ll be connected to a representative who can answer your questions.

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