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Awards & Recognition

The presentation of awards and recognition is part of the girl core program in the form of pins, badges and certificates as well as praise from others.   Adult members also receive awards and recognition through nominations by other members.  There are both national and provincial awards.  Both national and provincial scholarship application deadline dates are April 1 of the current Guiding year.

List of Ontario Awards
List of National Awards
Ontario Council Guider of the Month
Ontario Isabel Kerr scholarship
National GGC Scholarships
FAQs Awards
FAQs Recognition Ceremonies 

Other award opportunities:


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Girl Members

Girls receive program badges when they accomplish  a new skill, learn information or perform service to others.  Each branch of the girl program has different badges that are awarded.  Girls also receive program-based certificates of achievement from their guiders or as part of an award ceremony.

There are Enrolment, Advancement and Program completion ceremonies for girls.   These are often locally-based and held as a unit or in conjunction with other units. 

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Adult Members

Adults are nominated for awards through the use of the R.3P (Application for Provincial Awards) and the R.3N (Application for National Awards) forms and a process outlined in GGC's Adult Member Support Procedures, Module 6