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Administrative Community Leaders

ACL Manual - please contact Grow Strategy Administrator to access manual.

Administrative Community Leaders (ACL) are GGC volunteer Members who support Unit Guiders by:

  • Recruiting, screening and placing new Unit Guiders
  • Helping Unit Guiders understand administrative tasks
  • Helping Unit Guiders identify or find trainings they wish to take
  • Helping Unit Guiders manage girl or parent concerns
  • Helping Unit Guiders work effectively with the leadership team   

Ontario Council is currently seeking to fill several Administrative Community Leader positions:

Do you enjoy supporting and working with others? Are you a skilled communicator who can help resolve conflict? Can you manage a busy job effectively? Then you should consider becoming an ACL. We are currently recruiting for Administrative Community Leader (ACL) in Communities 2, 9, 12, 19, 20, 22, 26, and 35. There is a three year term for this position.

Full ACL job description details

Contact Laurie Forbes, Deputy Provincial Commissioner - Administration at if you have questions.

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Awards & Recognition

The presentation of awards and recognition is part of the girl core program in the form of pins, badges and certificates as well as praise from others. Adult members also receive awards and recognition through nominations by other members. There are both national and provincial awards.