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Ontario Council is committed to providing an amazing selection of opportunities to get outdoors more often and in new ways! We know that girls treasure outdoor programs and want to have this as part of their annual program options. Some Guiders/girls are keen to do all planning and implementation of an overnight outdoor program, but many are not. Not all girls are comfortable in outdoor sleeping and in turn walk away from outdoor experiences. By providing alternatives, girls get to choose experiences in an environment that is comfortable for them. Outdoor Experiences has something for everybody and campership is available to eligible girl members.

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Sign up for a Fully Serviced Outdoor Experience where all you have to do is supervise the girls, complete some paperwork, pitch in during some programming and have fun! Equalized costs to girls for the same type of weekend program of $141.25 (includes HST) and no cost for Guiders (up to max Safe Guide ratio) for that activity or limited by facility.

DIY with our Preferred Vendors.  Choose from a list of vendors that have been vetted by GGC, Ontario Council with some of the Safe Guide paperwork templated for you already. You do the booking, paperwork and registration and choose from options that may include catered food or facilitated program (dependent on facility).

Book a GGC property and plan your own unit camp.

Book a Provincial Camping Program - Summer Camp at Doe Lake and Woolsey. February Family Camp at Ma-Kee-Wa, Winterpalooza weekend at Bonita Glen or spring weekend canoe trips at Doe Lake.  Booked by individuals with the Safe Guide paperwork and all the planning and implementation is done by Ontario Council.

Come to LEAP 2019 a special provincial Outdoor Experience event at Doe Lake, August 4-10.

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Questions or comments? Please contact outdoor.experiences@guidesontario.org.
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