Artwork Approval - Crests and Merchandise

Artwork approval – guidelines for all items
All items representing Girl Guides of Canada (such as crests, patches, labels or clothing) must be approved before they are produced. All items must include the full GGC logo or the Trefoil logo (in instances where space is an issue) as part of the artwork. This creates public awareness and ensures consistency with GGC Brand Standards (NEW: 2018 brand standards, requires MemberZone login). Please use this link to submit artwork for approval. 


Event crests must receive artwork approval before they can be produced. 
- Should include the name and date of the specific event, but no longer required
- May include the event’s theme or logo
- Must feature the trefoil (find acceptable trefoil designs here - MemberZone login required)
- Must conform to trademark requirements.
- When your artwork is approved, you can order crests for Ontario challenges, crests, pins and name tags or camp crests. Visit the Guide Store for National crests.

Trademarked Material

All crest and artwork submissions must be original designs. The use of trademarked images, slogans or designs without written permission from the trademark owner* will not be approved, as this is trademark infringement.

*Each company or individual has different guidelines for the use of their trademarked material. Receiving permission for trademark use is the responsibility of the unit or member seeking the artwork approval.

Non-event clothing and merchandise

The production of specially identified clothing or merchandise, other than for events, camps, or specific travel as noted, does not conform to the imaging strategy of GGC and may not be produced.

Event clothing and merchandise

GGC has created four categories of events and defines the merchandise which can be produced for them (see details below). As a general rule, all event specific merchandise:
- Must include the name and date of the specific event, and 
- May include the event’s theme or logo.
- Exceptions to this are camp hats, which only require the Trefoil.
- Must conform to trademark requirements.

CAMPS: Camp merchandise can be produced. There is no restriction on the number of pieces or the type of clothing and souvenir items associated with a camp. These items may be given to campers as part of the event or may be offered for sale to campers. Some examples of merchandise for camps are:
- A crest for an event camp (e.g., Community camp – June 2018)
- A t-shirt for an event camp

Camp property crests may only be produced by the provincial office.

EXTERNAL EVENTS: No merchandise should be produced for external events. Generally, an external event is an activity or function at which Members are in public and are representing GGC.
Some examples of these types of events are:
- Selling cookies at a trade show
- Participating in a community parade
- Attending a meeting presented by government officials, other organizations, or corporate sponsors.
Members are expected to wear their Guiding uniform when representing GGC or taking part in GGC external activities. 

INTERNAL EVENTS: Limited* merchandise can be produced for internal events involving GGC members only.
Some examples of internal events include:
-Training workshops
-Guiders' conference (e.g.. Sparks Super Program)
-Large-scale, girl-focused events (e.g.. Rally day 2014)

* Internal events merchandise is limited to one clothing item with event logo (e.g. t-shirt) and one crest. One additional souvenir item, such as a binder or tote bag is also acceptable.


Trip merchandise can be produced.
This includes international travel, nationally/provincially-sponsored trips and independent trip units. Trip wear must be suitable and deemed appropriate for the trip. Some examples of merchandise for trips are:
- A crest design as a souvenir
- An identifying t-shirt for your group to wear while traveling

There is no restriction on the number of pieces or the type of clothing that may be associated with a trip; however, reasonable consideration must be given to the clothing requirements of the trip (i.e. duration) and family budgets. 

When travelling internationally, members are expected to travel in the GGC international clothing (red polo shirt, red jacket, international scarf) or GGC uniform. This can be purchased from the Girl Guide online store.

Producing clothing

When producing clothing for events or trips, these guidelines apply:
-Upper body clothing - must carry the logo of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada on the sleeve or below the neckline on the back, centrered.
-Clothing must be in one of the brand palette colours, or the closest match. For Link events only, the colour burgundy may be used and for Trefoil Guild events only the colour purple may be used.

WAGGGS logo use

If you are including the World Guiding Trefoil (see for symbol use) the approval will go through the provincial office to the WAGGGS bureau office for written approval. This process can take up to six months.

Looking to get a quote?

Consider a crest supplier already being used by Ontario Council. It is best practice to get three quotes:
B&S Emblem
Laven Industries
Positive Identity

Other GGC Artwork

- Non-uniform GGC apparel, merchandise, program badges or pins can only be produced by the National office. They can be purchased from the Girl Guide online store
- Camp properties crests or provincial challenges can only be produced by provincial councils. Ontario Council camp and challenge crests can be purchased from the Ontario Council online shop.

Questions about artwork approval?

Please contact Girl Guides of Canada Brand Centre
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