Volunteer Opportunity - Administrative Community Leader

The position of Administrative Community Leader (ACL) is now open in communities 1, 8, 9 and 15 and is a great opportunity for someone with good communication skills, is committed to Guiding, and enjoys meeting with the Guiders in their Community. If you are that person or know of someone who fits these characteristics, that person could be the Administrative Community Leader for your community. As ACL you work with the Guiders in your Community to build community and grow Guiding. 

The ACL is supported by an ACL Adviser, the Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Administration, and her ACL sisters. There is a training designed specifically for ACLs. Two Administrative Forums are held yearly, with all the ACLs across the province, to ensure the ACLs have all the current information, have the time to meet with their ACL sisters, and ensure time with the DPC, Administration and their ACL Adviser.

The ACL position is a wonderful opportunity and you are invited to look at it in the job description and apply for the position of ACL for your community. Should you wish to discuss the ACL position, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you know someone who would be perfect as the ACL, please let them know you think they have the skills and your community would benefit by having them at the helm.

Please do contact me at dpc2@guidesontario.org for further information. 
Please contact Kris McGee at dpc2@guidesontario.org.

Administrative Community Leader Application form
19/01/2018 6:29:21 PM