2017-2018 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge

2017-2018 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge Theme: Celebrate Canada 150

Girl Guides of Canada Ontario Sing Ontario Sing 2017-18 Challenge requirements Maple Leaf

Requirements to earn the crest (no longer available):
All units are to start with the opening song.
All units are to share some Canadian Fun Facts. Guiders may have to gather this information for younger girls.
A great reference for Canadian Facts is Canadian Guider Volume 77 Winter 2007, Pages 5-7.
  • Sparks: Sing one song from each category
  • Brownies: Sing eight songs, at least one from each category
  • Guides: Sing 12 songs, at least one from each category
  • Pathfinders, Rangers, Trex: Sing 16 songs, at least two from each category. Use the internet or other resources to gather Canadian Facts to share with younger girls and plan a bridging activity and/or lead a campfire for a gathering of units.
This year’s Sing Ontario Sing challenge is divided into eight types of songs. Select a song type below to view the song list and click on the song title to view or download the song sheet. 

Download the complete songbook for the 2017-2018 Sing Ontario Sing challenge.

  1. Opening Songs
  2. Gathering Songs
  3. Round or Repeat Songs
  4. Rowdy Silly Songs
  5. Silly Action Songs
  6. Slower Songs
  7. Reflective Songs
  8. Closing Songs
Opening Songs
This Little Guiding Light of Mine
Fire’s Burning
Light the Wood
Tall Trees
Sussex Campfire Song
As We Trek Along
Au clair de la lune
Winter Fire
Gathering Songs
They All Call It Canada
BC Camping Song
A Place to Stand (also called Ontario-ari-ari-o)
Something to Sing About
Come Together, Come and See
Round or Repeat Songs
Tree Song
Make New Friends
Oh How Lovely is the Evening
Ham and Eggs
Rowdy Silly Songs
Donkey Riding Song
Grey Squirrel
My Bonnie
Silly Action Songs
40 Years on an Iceberg
The Beaver Song
Big Buffalo
Pizza Hut
The Moose Song
I'se The B'y
Slower Songs
NWT Guide Song
Spirit of the Sun
Reflective Songs
On My Honour
Land of the Silver Birch
Peace of the River
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Somewhere There’s a Forest
Closing Songs
Softly Falls
The Red River Valley
Time With You
The Loon Call
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