Cookie Jar for Guiders

Welcome to your Cookie Jar, Guiders! Please use the links below to find everything you need to know to plan, manage and achieve great results with your cookie-selling activities throughout the Guiding year. Plus, you’ll find fun and useful “printables” that you can use for cookie campaign success!

Cookie Key Dates: Year-at-a-Glance Calendar- All the key cookie dates you need to know for this Guiding year, including cookie ordering, deliveries, registration for Cookie Days in Canada and TTC selling, payments, Receiver dates and more

Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive program - In Spring 2017, Ontario Council introduced a tiered approach for allocating the unit portion of cookie sales, through our Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive program. This program will continue in the Fall 2017 campaign. Going forward, the unit allocation for cookies in each campaign will be calculated based on the average number of cases-per-girl sold. For more details, including what the various tiers and payment levels are, please read the program FAQ. You can also calculate your unit allocation per case, based on your cookie order and your current girl membership, by using our Tiered Cookie Program Calculator tool.

Cookie Campaign Checklist – Handy checklist of Guider To-Do’s for a cookie campaign

Cookie Sales Planning and Resources – Must-have information and resources you need for cookie selling, including cookie ordering and deliveries, where to find selling opportunities, fun ideas for group sales, surplus cookies, Cookie All Stars, Cookie Rising Badge and more

Cookie Selling Tips from Guiders - Experienced Guiders share their tips to help you meet your cookie selling goals.

Cookie Dough – Financial information for cookie selling, including payment tracking, a Cookie Agreement for larger requests, Parent Not Paid process and more

Cookie Receivers – Details on the Cookie Receiver role, whether you’re a Receiver or want to be one (we can always use your help!)

Cookies FAQ – Answers to our frequently-asked questions about cookies from Guiders, including who can order cookies for a unit, where the cookie money goes and more

Cookie Invasions
- Check out these successful sales by our units at business offices! Get inspired to hold your own Girl Guide "Cookie Invasion" for a fun and engaging take on cookie selling.

Cookie Printables for Guiders – All our printable tip sheets for Guiders in one place, for easy downloading, saving and printing

Cookie Contacts

For general cookie questions or concerns about upcoming campaigns, volunteering and updates please contact: Cookie Adviser, Kristi Kanitz at, 1-877-323-4545 x 6804.

For logistical campaign questions and tips, potential selling events, surplus cookies, process for parent not paid and questions about ordering and invoicing, please contact: Cookie Administrative Assistant at, 1-877-323-4545 x 2441.

For logistical campaign questions or concerns about scheduled deliveries, cookie finances, parent processes, policies, key dates and any other issues, please contact Cookie Coordinator, Georgina Sigal at, 1-877-323-4545 x 2440.
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